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7 Startup Questions you Need to Ask Your Ad Agency or Client Now!


This Free Audio Bonus will help you nail the Kickoff Call so you can lay the perfect foundation to manage your next high-profile production with success and confidence!

Audio Bonus: 7 Startup Questions to Ask Your Client Now!Lawrence Lewis & Sister Christian
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Helpful & Inspiring

Christian and Lawrence are either teaching you, encouraging you or confirming that you're not freaking crazy! I am already a better producer thanks to their gracious insight and advice. If you're in production I highly recommend listening!

Informative & Useful

Lawrence and Christian do a great job bringing timely and useful information to Film Production Industry Professionals. They provide a humorous and engaging show that offers actionable information for producers and other freelance positions.

Heck Yeah!

It’s always fascinating to hear how others approach the countless scenarios we find ourselves in from job to job as it’s all so very subjective. Can’t wait to hear the rest of the season!
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