Akbar Challenge: JP!
Albert Loya

Akbar Challenge: JP!

JP is taking our video series to another level. The Craft Night and Bingo queen has taken our happy hour to a sophisticated cocktail level with her specialty drinks. Also, JP has the best dad jokes in town. From JP: Dear extremely loved and missed patrons, Thank you buckets, bushels, and cubits for supporting Akbar’s GoFundMe during this unprecedented crap cakes of a time. Here are two well known cocktails you can drink in your PJs, with a few little recipe tweaks that make a comforting offering during the times that try one’s soul. I challenge Cory Klink, Akbar’s resident black belt and bold alchemist, to send us some moves or a meditation for these quarantined times! Xoxoxoxo #akbarchallenge #akbarsilverlake #akbarstrong The JP Monday OLD-FASHIONED Sugar Cube, Bitters, cava cava orange slice, Luxardo cherry, sparkling water. XTRA QUEER SIGNATURE VERSION: Make it ORANGE sparkly water! Tom Collins Sugar cube, fresh lemon juice, gin, sparkling water. XTRA QUEER SIGNATURE VERSION: Make it LIME sparkly water for a lemon/lime Tom Collins! I miss all of you like crazy, I miss watching the cowboy butts during “Wagon Train” on the bar’s TV, discussing macaroni and cheese recipes, talking about film and TV stars of yore, and mostly I miss the many many jokes and laughs and hugs we share. Hang tight, hang low, hang commando, and we’ll see you on the flip side of this mess, mark my words. For anyone missing CraftNight, I’ve been drawing coloring pages, there are 4 in the archives so far, some are easier, some are more challenging, it all depends on how much of a coloring challenge you want. Download, print, and send me your finished masterpieces!

In honor of this podcast's original concept (before it was all scrapped due to a... well, global pandemic that halted our lives and careers), we are featuring some cocktails you can make at home.

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The staff have put together several videos on how to make their favorite cocktail or drink. Follow their recipe, and if you like it, please consider "tipping" them by donating to their Go Fund Me campaign:

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