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We are so excited to have you on an episode of Producers' Happy Hour! Below you will find everything you need to promote your episode. 

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Show Description

Two Producers chatting over drinks about what it means and what it takes to be a great Producer. Our podcast is for media production professionals who want to hone their craft, believe in life-long learning, and strive to create more humane on-set experiences for their crews. Grab a drink and tune in to hear insightful interviews, and informative show topics that will help you get through your toughest jobs, biggest production challenges, and most difficult clients. Because Making Sh!# is Hard!

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Talking Points

How to Survive as a High Stakes Career Freelancer

Managing Personality Conflicts

On-Set Safety & Humane Working Conditions

Negotiating Money with Crew & Vendors

Budgeting, Organizing, Logistics, and Party Hosting

Unionization efforts for Commercial Production


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Accidental Fan

"This is not a podcast I normally listen to, but I came across it by accident and was intrigued! I have always wondered what producers do. I was fascinated by the many facets of their work and the quality of production was amazing.

SO Funny

I love this show! As an AD I completely relate to a lot of what they talk about on set. Especially all the challenges that came this year with COVID. They are real and authentic which I super appreciate it. Definitely recommend this show! 

Heck Yeah!

It’s always fascinating to hear how others approach the countless scenarios we find ourselves in from job to job as it’s all so very subjective. Can’t wait to hear the rest of the season!

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