102 - Covid-19 Update & The Power of Storytelling

Updated: May 18, 2020

In This Episode…

Just a little more than a week ago we quietly released the first episode of a podcast we created called Producers’ Happy Hour. It was meant to be a show where two producers on opposite coasts chatted over drinks about what it means to be a good producer.

But things changed very quickly, within a week and a half most jobs canceled and we find ourselves out of work for the foreseeable future.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, and the important safety measures put in place to slow the spread of the virus, such as social distancing, or shelter in place, is bringing film production to a near standstill. Something we haven’t seen happen since 9/11.

So we are pivoting. Although we have 5 episodes recorded, it doesn’t feel right to release those now. This is more important.

We are now going to take this opportunity to reach far and wide into our filmmaking community to see who is working, who is not working. What does the future look like for commercial shoots, as well as tv and film.

We want to hear your stories, we need to hear your story. Please send us your questions, or tell us what is happening with you and your work. Email us at producershappyhour@gmail.com or check out instructions on our website on how to send us a 1-minute Voice Memo to tell us your story and we will play it on our podcast.

Topics Covid-19 Pandemic, AICP Guidlines, Fiilm LA Permit Guidelines, Force Majure, Similarities to 9/11 work stoppage. Italian Video Messages https://youtu.be/o_cImRzKXOs Voice Memos by: Michael Palumbo - Director of Sales/Director Votary Films Guest: No guest this episode. Links Christopher Daniels - Artwork Design Creative Director & Treatment Designer www.misterstyles.com Kyle Puccia - Music Composer Film & Theater Music Composer www.kylepuccia.com Follow The Hosts! Sister Christian Kendrick Insta: @sisterchristianrocks Website: www.sisterchristianrocks.com Lawrence T. Lewis Insta: @lawrenceltl LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/lawrencetlewis/ Producing Website: www.lawrencetlewis.com Experiential Prod Co: www.indelible-arts.com Voice Over: www.voiceoflawrence.com Follow The Show! Website: www.producdershappyhour.com Insta: @producershappyhour Facebook: www.facebook.com/groups/producershappyhour/ Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/groups/13819792/ Watch us on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCane6SJauLT2Kf9YJ2aJ6Yg Contact Us! We want to hear from you. Please send us your stories during this challenging time in our industry. Email: producershappyhour@gmail.com Thanks for Listening!

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