106 - Inspiration & Anke Thommen

Updated: May 18, 2020

In This Episode… We interview producer, Anke Thommen and discuss her experience during all this, and she shares her thoughts and words of wisdom to us all. We check in with each other's emotional/mental state and remind people to take our Subscription Challenge. We try to focus on things that inspire us. For Lawrence, it's all the live streaming events coming out of people's homes. Big celebrities to just friends. Christian needs some more time before she can find inspiration. We listen to Voice Memos, and we share news from Mayor of LA Eric Garcetti who announces that Covid-19 tests are available to Angelinos. Freelancer's Union tells us freelancers how to claim paid sick leave due to the pandemic. AICP calls out brands for owing money to production partners. Reminder to sign the petitions and send the form letters to your state officials. Topics Covid-19, AICP, Eric Garcetti, Subscription Challenge, Inspiration, Paid Sick Leave

Interview Guest Anke Thommen Executive Producer www.storyform.tv Voice Memos: Randi Hokett Production Designer https://www.instagram.com/randi.hokett/ Nick Lorenzen Production Supervisor https://www.linkedin.com/in/luke-hale/ Sara Starling Voice Over Actor https://sarastarling.co.uk/ Links

Billboard's List of Live Streaming Events https://www.billboard.com/articles/columns/pop/9335531/coronavirus-quarantine-music-events-online-streams Eric Garcetti announces testing for Los Angelinos https://lacovidprod.service-now.com/rrs Freelancer's Union Blog about Paid Sick Leave for Freelancers https://blog.freelancersunion.org/2020/03/23/how-freelancers-can-claim-paid-sick-leave-coronavirus/ AICP calls out brands for owing money to production partners https://adage.com/article/advertising/aicp-calls-out-brands-owing-hundreds-millions-late-payments-amid-coronavirus-pandemic/2245621 Rob Blumke - Sound Mixer Show Editor http://www.robertbluemke.com/ Christopher Daniels - Artwork Design Creative Director & Treatment Designer www.misterstyles.com Kyle Puccia - Music Composer Film & Theater Music Composer www.kylepuccia.com Follow The Hosts! Sister Christian Kendrick Insta: @sisterchristianrocks Website: www.sisterchristianrocks.com Lawrence T. Lewis Insta: @lawrenceltl LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/lawrencetlewis/ Producing Website: www.lawrencetlewis.com Voice Over: www.voiceoflawrence.com Contact Us! We want to hear from you. Please send us your stories during this challenging time in our industry. Email: producershappyhour@gmail.com

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