107 - Cliff Zellman & Tips for Voice Actors

In This Episode… Today we interview Audio Engineer & Director of Talent Cliff Zellman. Cliff has been in the production industry for over 35 years. He started in music as an audio engineer and moved into audio for animation and then advertising. Working on mostly Tier 3 Automotive spots, Cliff brings a unique perspective to what activity is happening in that market, and what Actors can do during this downtime. We also check in on each other's well-being, remind each other of our Subscription Challenge (which we have both procrastinated on) and discuss Gov. Cuomo's recent press conference. We also listen to Voice Memos from our listeners and remind people to sign the petitions on our website and send the Freelancer's Union form letter to your state officials. Topics Covid-19, Audio Production, Car Commercials, Voice Actors, Marketing Messages, Subscription Challenge, Petitions Interview Guest Cliff Zellman Director of Talent Development Automotive | ACM Talent www.a-mazingdemos.com

Voice Memos: Greg Caruso Production Supervisor gregcaruso@me.com

Katie Morgan Director of Creative Video at University of San Francisco Athletics https://www.linkedin.com/in/katie-morgan-b52b023/ Links

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