108 - Susan Rued Anderson

In This Episode… We interview Executive Producer Susan Rued Anderson and hear her views on how resilient the advertising filmmaking industry is. As well as her belief that, although we will need to change the way a film set works, we will be going back to work. Chelsea Market is doing gift baskets, which might be good to send to people in need. We discuss the $2T Senate stimulus package, Mitch O'Farrel's and the LA Times list of unemployment aid programs for workers in the film/tv community. Harvard Business News published the article "That Discomfort You're Feeling is Grief". We listen to Voice Memos from audience members and get some words of wisdom from Susan Rued Anderson. Topics Covid-19, Stay At Home, Commercials, Advertising, Gift Baskets, Subscription Challenge, Stimulus Package, Unemployment Aid, Petitions, Grief. Interview Guest Susan Rued Anderson Executive Producer https://wethepeople.tv/

Voice Memos: Nate Wherman Commercial Producer, Director & Production Supervisor www.versusvisualservices.com Joe Tower Senior Producer www.indestry.com Mark Mangra Sr. Video Producer https://www.linkedin.com/in/marc-mangra-010045152/ Links

Take Action https://www.producershappyhour.com/take-action Senate Stimulus Package https://www.politico.com/news/2020/03/24/congress-coronavirus-emergency-package-146066 Mitch O'Farrell's list of Unemployment Aid https://mailchi.mp/lacity/assistance-for-the-unemployed-safe-at-home-order-free-meals-for-lausd-students LA Times list of Unemployment Aid https://www.latimes.com/entertainment-arts/business/story/2020-03-24/entertainment-industry-offers-string-of-funds-for-help Harvard Business News article about Grief: https://hbr.org/2020/03/that-discomfort-youre-feeling-is-grief

Rob Blumke - Sound Mixer Show Editor http://www.robertbluemke.com/ Christopher Daniels - Artwork Design Creative Director & Treatment Designer www.misterstyles.com Kyle Puccia - Music Composer Film & Theater Music Composer www.kylepuccia.com Follow The Hosts! Sister Christian Kendrick Insta: @sisterchristianrocks Website: www.sisterchristianrocks.com Lawrence T. Lewis Insta: @lawrenceltl LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/lawrencetlewis/ Producing Website: www.lawrencetlewis.com Voice Over: www.voiceoflawrence.com Contact Us! We want to hear from you. Please send us your stories during this challenging time in our industry. Email: producershappyhour@gmail.com

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