120 - Beth Shulman, Broadcast & Technology Producer

In this episode... Today we interview Broadcast, Line and now Tech Producer, Beth Shulman who shares her view of our current industry situation from her vantage point in Sydney, Australia. Adaptability, and accepting change has been a skill she's used for years, and now it's coming into play more than ever. She says be patient, and be kind to yourself. Just because you don't have the answers right now, doesn't mean you won't someday soon. Previous guest Sandrine Orabona offers some Unemployment help: https://bit.ly/2wozcni NYC Department of Labor Guide for Unemployment: https://www.labor.ny.gov/ui/pdfs/self-employed-ui-guide.pdf Donate your unused computer to a child in need: www.globetops.com/covid19 Topics Covid-19, Agencies, Testing, Patience, Adaptability, Unemployment, Donations, Political Advertisements Interview Guests Beth Shulman Broadcast & Technology Producer http://producedbybeth.com/ Voice Memo Kat Skiles CEO & Producer, Narrative Creative Agency https://narrativecreativeagency.com/ Take Action www.producershappyhour.com/take-action Rob Bluemke - Sound Mixer/Engineer Show Editor www.robertbluemke.com Christopher Daniels - Creative Director Logo & Artwork Design www.misterstyles.com Kyle Puccia - Commercial/Theatrical Music Composer Intro/Outro Music www.kylepuccia.com Follow the Hosts Sister Christian Kendrick Insta: @sisterchristianrocks Website: www.sisterchristianproduces.com Lawrence T. Lewis Insta: @lawrenceltl Producing: www.lawrencetlewis.com Voice Over: www.voiceoflawrence.com Share Your Story Email: producershappyhour@gmail.com

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