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Join two producers, each with over 20+ years of experience, as we share our irreverent and brutally honest insights about the film production industry. We believe in working together to create more humane on-set experiences for our hardworking crews. Our show is designed for media production professionals who are lifelong learners, and who strive to elevate their craft. Subscribe today and tune in for insightful interviews, informative show topics, and actionable advice that will help you tackle your toughest jobs, overcome your biggest production challenges, and conquer even the most difficult clients.

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Are UNION Contracts making your head spin?

Excel the intricacies of union agreements and negotiate with confidence. Transform into a proficient production pro through our comprehensive course.

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Helpful & Inspiring

Christian and Lawrence are either teaching you, encouraging you or confirming that you're not freaking crazy! I am already a better producer thanks to their gracious insight and advice. If you're in production I highly recommend listening to this podcast!

SO Funny

I love this show! As an AD I completely relate to a lot of what they talk about on set. Especially all the challenges that came this year with COVID. They are real and authentic which I super appreciate it. Definitely recommend this show! 

Heck Yeah!

It’s always fascinating to hear how others approach the countless scenarios we find ourselves in from job to job as it’s all so very subjective. Can’t wait to hear the rest of the season!

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