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Producer's Bootcamp

Join Seasoned Producers

Sister Christian & Lawrence Lewis

Live & In-Person!


9am to 1pm • Santa Monica, CA

A one-day, immersive deep dive into the art of commercial film production. Limited spots available, ensuring personalized attention.


Presented alongside Jordan Brady's Commercial Directing Bootcamp, this workshop unfolds the intricacies of producing stellar content at top-tier levels.

Elevate your filmmaking skills with insights covering everything from deconstructing director's treatments to practical budgeting techniques from the Producer's POV. 


Craft a top-tier experience tailored for Ad Agencies and Brands with discerning expectations.

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Producer's Bootcamp - 04.28.24



9am to 1pm • Santa Monica, CA




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Informative & Entertaining

Any producer will relate to and benefit from Lawrence & Christian. Whether a seasoned vet or just starting your career, check it out - you will definitely reate, be inspired, and feel seen!

Jule K.

They Get All the Stars!

I’m a producer, and these two are THE BEST well-spring of film production insight and info.

These two share their knowledge, tips, and tricks – something not everyone in this business does as willingly, or as generously - to help navigate the complexities that can arise.

North Eleven

Informative & Useful

Lawrence and Christian do a great job bringing timely and useful information to the Film production industry professionals. They have a great chemistry and provide a humorous and engaging show that offers actionable information for producers and other freelance positions.


What You'll Learn:

We are Lawrence Lewis and Sister Christian, seasoned producers with 20+ years of industry expertise, here to help you Produce like a PRO without the painful learning curve. 🚀

• Navigating the Commercial Film Production Landscape

• Tips for Flawless Advertising Agency and Client Collaborations

• Translating Creative Ideas into Tangible Production Plans

• Analyzing the Producer's Role in all Budget Ranges

And Much, Much More…

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Who Should Attend:

Directors, Filmmakers, Ad Creatives, Producers, Cinematographers, Writers – Anyone Passionate About a Career in Commercial Filmmaking or Just Eager to Grasp the Process.

What You Won't Get:

This isn't your typical film school fare. No gear talk, cinematography, or editing lessons. This is about carving your path in commercial filmmaking and thriving in the advertising universe.

What You'll Gain:

Insider Know-How on Working with high-end Agencies and Brands, Analyzing Director Treatments from a Producer’s POV, and the Blueprint for Career Longevity.
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Special Offer!

Commercial Directing Bootcamp Attendee?

Contact us and Save $100 on Producer’s Bootcamp Tuition.


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