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Lights On, Stress Off: The Producers' Checklist for Flawless Pre-Production

Hands holding a stylus, interacting with the Producers' Happy Hour Pre-Production Checklist on an iPad.

🎬 Streamline Your Prep: Systemize and organize every aspect of your pre-production process.

📋 Safety Net Assurance: Never miss a crucial step again. 

🔄 Always Up-to-Date: We will continue to refine and update our checklist based on your feedback.

Ready to enhance your pre-production game? Pop your details below.

Producers' Happy Hour Exclusive: Transform Your Workflow with Our Checklist, Tailored for Producers and Production Supervisors!

Here's what people say behind our backs!

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Helpful & Inspiring

Christian and Lawrence are either teaching you, encouraging you or confirming that you're not freaking crazy! I am already a better producer thanks to their gracious insight and advice. If you're in production I highly recommend listening to this podcast!

Fire and the Good Kind of Fire

I loved "The Art of Script Breakdowns" course and listening to the thoughts and perspectives of Lawrence and Sister Christian. Can't wait for the next one.

Heck Yeah!

It’s always fascinating to hear how others approach the countless scenarios we find ourselves in from job to job as it’s all so very subjective. Can’t wait to hear the rest of the season!
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